You are on a boat at sea.

Also, you are dead.

To figure out the truth behind your murder, you will need to inhabit the other residents of the ship and use them to investigate what led to your untimely demise.

Each combination of characters leads to a unique conversation based on the relationship those two characters have. The more you understand a person, the more control you have over them, so figuring out what makes each person tick is the key to the truth. But beware - on this ship, not all are who they say they are, and everyone has secrets...

  • Investigate an intricate mystery where life and death hangs in the balance.
  • Meet nine unique and developed characters, with their own fears, desires, and secrets.
  • Use your ghost form to possess bodies and read minds.
  • Recover your former identity to increase your ghastly abilities.
  • Unlock multiple endings and decide the fate of the story.